Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zipper Week Day 4: Pillow Cover

 Welcome to Day 4 of Zipper Week! Today's tutorial will be on how to make a pillow cover with a zipper. 

What you will need:
1 pillow
Fabric (the amount will depend on how big you pillow form is), probably around 1/2 yard. 

I sandwiched my pillow in between the fabric to determine how much I needed. I cut around the pillow, then I removed it and used my cutting board to make straight lines. I cut on the fold. 
 Then I ironed the top and bottom edges of the fabric over around 1/2 inch. Remember that I cut on the fold so I have one long piece of fabric. 
 Then I laid one of those ends directly over the zipper. I pinned it so that the teeth of the zipper showed just a little bit. 
 Remember to put your zipper foot on your machine, and then I sewed the fabric to the zipper. I repeated the same thing on the other side. 
 It should look like this when you are done. 
 Now you only have the two sides to sew together. Remember to unzip your zipper about half way. That way you can turn it inside out when you are done. 
 My zipper was longer than my material; so when I got to the end I laid the zipper flat sewed over it and then back stitched. When I was done I cut off the excess. 
 I put the cover on the pillow to make sure it fit, then I removed it and surged the edges. You don't have to do this step but it will help the pillow stay together better. 

 This was a super easy and fast project. I ended up making four pillow covers for my couches. Now I can just wash the cover if my kids spill something on the pillows. 

Check back tomorrow for day 5 of Zipper Week! Think clothing refashion! 

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