About Me

  Hi! I'm Jen!
I LOVE sewing and crafting. Sewing is like therapy for me. I don't have any formal training. My Mom taught me to sew when I was young, and I picked it back up again when I became a stay at home Mom. Hardest Job Ever! When my girls are not driving me nuts, they are inspiring me to create new things. Everything I make is pretty inexpensive, we are on a tight budget. My husband has chosen a career path that requires MANY years of schooling and training. So I learned to bargain shop, and use what I have. 
Here are some tidbits about me:
Things I love

God- more on what I believe here
My Family
My Friends
Sweets, lots of sweets! 
Working out- it's a love hate relationship! 
Pinterest- I'm addicted! 
Surfing Craft Blogs for Fun Ideas
Nap time
Things I don't Like

Muffin tops- mine not yours
Being woken up- you would think I would be used to it after almost 5 years of motherhood, nope! 
Putting laundry away
Acne- you would think I would have outgrown it by now
Stretch Marks- welcome to motherhood. 

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