My Favorite Places

Here is a list of blogs I love! I check these probably on a daily basis. If you need some crafting inspiration check them out! 

MADE- Dana's blog is the first sewing/craft blog I started following. I LOVE IT!
Make It and Love It- I love Ashley's projects! They are so cute, and very doable. 
Elle Apparel- Leanne is so creative, and she makes great tutorials for women's clothing. 
no big dill- Katy is so very talented! Like Project Runway talented! 
I Am Momma- Hear Me Roar- Cheri is so creative. She has awesome projects for little boys. 
lil blue boo- Ashley is an inspiration, and also have great ideas! 
U-Create- They are always featuring great blogs! 
Six Sisters Stuff- This blog is written by a group of six sisters. They have the best recipes! 
Ruffles and Stuff- Disney is very creative, I love her Shabby Chic style.
I Still Love You- Melissa is a refashionista! 
Simple Organized Living- Andrea knows how to live frugal, and is a wonderful example of knowing how to use your time wisely. I love reading all of her tips!
My Yellow Sandbox- Abby knows hair! She has a great ebook out with easy hair styles.
Johnny In a Dress- I just love Natalie's style!
Cotton and Curls- If you need some inspiration to sew for yourself go here!
Merricks Art- Merrick is not only a talented artist but also another talented refashionista!

And lets not forget Pinterest!

There are many more blogs out there I love, I'm sure I'll be adding more to the list. 

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