Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

25 weeks

 This is the last belly shot I took at 24 weeks. I'm now 25 weeks. 
I passed my glucose test, so yay! I got my first, "Are you sure there are not two in there?" comments. Haha! No there is only one! I've had three ultrasounds so I'm pretty sure they would have seen another baby by now. I keep telling everyone I get really big, but I guess they don't believe me. That's what happens when you move to a new place, none of my friends here have seen me pregnant before. We nicknamed my belly torpedo with my last pregnancy. 

I've painted the nursery white. I was planning on painting stripes on one wall, but now I'm thinking vinyl polka dots instead. We got our car seat and stroller in. It is red not coral like I thought. Minor bummer, oh well. I have yet to sew anything for the baby besides a few burp cloth's, and cloth wipes. 

I need to make a car seat canopy and crib bedding. I will get on that one day. I am having a hard time deciding on fabric. I'm also having a hard time picking a name. 

I am no longer craving pickles. I've been collecting the jars I've finished off and I might use them in the nursery for decoration, which I think is super funny! 

I'm so glad the sickness is over. I do feel super uncomfortable already, but I carry low and it's just not fun. I'm already not sleeping well. 
Only 15 more weeks though yay! Can't wait to meet baby girl!

I've been having fun picking up some little clothes. I've found a lot of cute things at Ross. I love that store! 

I just received a pregnancy pillow from Boppy so look out for a review coming soon. Hopefully that will help me sleep! : )
25 week bump

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fab Five on Friday #5

Here are my Fab Five picks this week.
 As usual a little random. : )

#1- Revamp Your Closet! 
I was inspired by this post.
Cass Miller is so cute, and I love this post. She had the great idea to get rid of stuff she doesn't love. Which makes perfect sense! I think as a Mom I'm always holding onto stuff because
A. It Saves Money- it might come back in style right? 
B. I will fit back into it someday.
Well, I end up with a ton of clothes I hate. I might like it on a hanger, but after having kids our bodies change and we have to wear what flatters our momma figures. 
She shared some steps to get started. 
1. Make a Pinterest fashion board. 
This is the fun part! I pinned mostly fall/winter items since I am due in October. I'm not going to base my wardrobe on my pregnant state, since it's only gonna last three more months.
2. Purge
I've already got two bags full of clothes I can't wear while pregnant. I'm planning on going through them and getting rid of what I probably won't wear after baby. Which honestly is more than half I'm sure. 
3. Plan
Cass suggest keeping 15 items of clothing that you can mix and match. Keep pieces that you actually love and feel great in. Honestly, we probably only use that many pieces in our closet anyways. I know I do. It might be different if I worked outside of the home. I can see keeping way more for work. 

So I am really excited about this, and I already told the hubs I will need new clothes after the baby. Maybe I will actually wear something besides pj's for the first six months. That would be great : )
 I'm sure he would appreciate that.
I've been loading up my Wear board on Pinterest with some after baby looks. This will be my first time having a fall baby which is great for covering up that after tummy, right! I'm loving leggings, skinny jeans, loose tops/sweaters, and tall boots. Here are some of my picks:


#2- Hair cut
Next week I'm getting my hair cut and highlighted. I love going to a salon and getting pampered. I don't love paying for it, but you gotta do it sometimes. 
I'm thinking this length
and this color
Right now my hair is super long, past the halfway down my back point. I have a ton of split ends and it's just too long for a prego in the summer. 
I have a really hard time getting it cut though, I usually will only let the stylist cut off the ends.  We will see if I chicken out. I do love having long hair. 

#3- Mela bamboo swaddles
bamboo muslin collection
3 pack
mela bamboo swaddles 
I am in love with this blankets! My sister surprised me with them as a gift for making her a nursing cover and some burp clothes. Her baby girl will be here in two weeks! Mine will be here in three months and I can't wait to wrap her in these blankets.  I love the prints! I'm pretty sure I might have already shared these on a previous Fab Five post.  

#4- The Best Grilled Salmon Recipe
This is honestly the BEST marinade for salmon. It's so yummy, even my six year old ate all of it! 
I've also tried it with pork chops and shrimp. Super yummy, and easy to make!

The best grilled salmon ever 

#5- Mini Bubble Necklace
 I have this necklace in white/pink/and aqua. I love it!
Mini Me Bubble Statement Necklace 
I think I have around five necklaces from I've also bought some as Christmas presents last year, and end of the year teacher gifts, and birthday gifts.  They have a ton of different styles and sales all the time. You should like them on facebook so you can get coupon codes. I bought my mini bubble necklaces for $4.95. I've bought another necklace from them for only $1.95!

So that's my Fab Five for the week. What are you loving this week?

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fab Five on Friday #4

Here are my five favorite things this week, they are a little random.

Graco Urbanlite Travel System Edgemont 

#1- Graco Travel System in Edgemont
 I've been looking for a new car seat for a little while. We knew we wanted to upgrade, the last one is almost 6 years old. I also needed a new stroller, so I looked for a travel systems. I really wanted another Graco, because I really liked my last one. I don't like the purple and pink flowery prints that are so popular right now. I found this print that's more modern in my opinion, I love the coral accents, and the medallion print. Hopefully I will love it when I start using it. 

Women's Merona® Erin Braided Upper Sa...

 #2- Erin Braided Upper Sandal- in Cognac 
I bought these sandals from Target a few weeks ago and I love them! They are on sale right now for $14 online. I'm not sure if the buckle was a good idea in my current pregnant state, they are harder to get one every day. But They are comfy and stylish. 

 #3- Neon Polish
I painted my toes a neon pink a few weeks ago. I've always been weary of neon, but I loved it!
I don't think I would put it on my finger nails, but it's fun on your toes. It was especially cute on my four year olds toes. We've been swimming a couple of times and she already has really tan feet. Lucky! I'm still white as a ghost.


#4 Exuviance Coverblend Foundation 
This is the best foundation for covering acne scars, and acne. I've had horrible skin since I was 15. This is the only foundation that gives me full coverage, and won't cause me to breakout worse. I buy mine at Ulta, it's $38 a tube and last around 3 months. It's so WORTH it!!!! Believe me! I also have the concealer which has lasted a year, and I still have a ton left, that was $22 when I bought it. 

#5 Thirties Diaper Covers Size 1
My Mom gifted me some cloth diaper covers I've been wanting for our baby. I got these three prints. She bought two of the polka dot print ones, which are so cute! Perfect colors for the fall too! 
You can purchase them at Cotton Babies. They are also available on a ton of other cloth diaper websites. Do you have a favorite cloth diapering system? Let me know, I'd love to hear about it! 

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