Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Shirt

I made this shirt for free! It's super easy, and you might just have all the supplies you need on hand!
Here's what you need:

Shirt (I just used a shirt we already had)
Scrap Material
Fusible Interfacing (optional)

 The first thing I did was cut 3 small square pieces from the fusible interfacing. (there are a lot of other products you could use instead, this is all I had on hand)
I ironed them to the back of the scrap material. Then I drew a heart on each one. 
 Then I cut them out, and arranged them on the shirt. If you don't have any interfacing material just cut hearts out of your material and pin them in place. Just be extra careful when you sew them to the shirt (they might move around more easily). 
 I pinned them in place and straight stitched around each heart. I decided to add a bow. Remember to burn the edges with a lighter so they don't fray. I used a zig zag stitch with the thread length at zero to attach the bow. 
Now you have an adorable Valentines Day shirt! 

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