Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Heart Pillow

My baby turned three this past weekend! It's so sad, no more baby! She's officially a big girl. No more diapers or pacifiers. 
My oldest daughter wanted to make her a birthday present and I thought a heart pillow would be perfect. I folded a piece of white cotton material in half, and drew half a heart on it with an fabric pen. The ink will disappear when you rub it with a baby wipe. I found my pen at Wal-Mart. 
Then I cut two hearts out. 

 I sewed around the heart and left a 4-5 inch opening. Then I flipped it inside out. 
 I used some scrap pieces of fabric to make some tiny hearts to attach to the pillow. 
I ironed on some Heat'n Bond and then drew hearts on it. I cut them out, and let my daughter arrange them how she wanted.

 She had a lot of fun decorating the pillow for her sister. Then I ironed the hearts on for her. 
 Then she stuffed the pillow, and I hand sewed the opening shut. 
 Here is a picture of little sister opening her gift. 

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