Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fab 5 #10

Since I had a baby a month ago I thought I would share my top 5 mommy/baby must haves with you.

#1- aden and anais bamboo blankets.
These blankets are the softest ever! They are super large and perfect for swaddling, they are also great to use as nursing covers. You can also use them to cover your car seat. They are super light, so if you are having a summer baby you should get them.
mela bamboo swaddles
#2- MAM Pacifiers
The best thing about these pacifiers is that they come in a plastic box that also doubles as a sterilizer. You just place the pacifier inside and fill the box with water and heat it in your microwave for 3 minutes. It's so much easier than having to boil your pacifiers on the stove! I love it! You can also use the box to hold clean pacifier in your diaper bag. 

#3- Lansinoh Gel Pads
The lactation consultant in the hospital introduced me to these. I'm not sure when they came out but this is the first time I've heard of them. I wish I would have had them after I had my first daughter. These pads give you cooling soothing relief when you have sore cracked nipples. My baby did some damage the first few days by not nursing correctly and I was in so much pain. These pads offered some relief, it was awesome! If you are planning on nursing I would buy a pack. I think they are around $10 for 2 sets and they last for 4 days each. You will probably only need them the first week or two. 

Gilligan & O'Malley® Women's 2-Pack Nursing Sleep Bra - Assorted Colors/Patterns
#4- Gilligan and O'Malley 2 pack nursing sleeping bra
I never used sleeping bra's before when I nursed my older two daughters. Sleeping in a normal nursing bra was so uncomfortable! This pack is from Target and is around $20. I bought a 2 pack on sale for $11. 

#5- Freezer Meals
My sister came to visit the weekend after I had the baby. She brought me a weeks worth of freezer meals, it was the best gift ever! The week after our help left we ate the freezer meals. It's so hard to make dinner when you have a newborn, it was such a relief to just be able to pop a meal in the oven. Especially if you have a fussy baby. There are tons of freezer meal recipes on Pinterest you could use. I think the weeks worth of meals would also be an awesome baby shower gift. I wish I would have made some more myself before the baby was born.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First Bath

 Comforts for Baby was kind enough to send me some of their products to try out. I used their bath products for my little girls first bath, or sponge bath. She didn't love the sponge bath, most babies don't. She did like having her hair washed though. We are still using these products three weeks out on all three of my kids. I really like the baby oil, especially the smell. I love the smell of a clean baby. You can find these products at any Kroger.
One cool thing about the baby wash is that it is dye-free, soap free, and ph-balanced so it doesn't dry out babies skin. They also have a night time bath scent. I like to use the baby oil after the bath, and it absorbs quickly into her skin.
Unlike baby soaps, Comforts for Baby® Baby Wash cleans without drying because it's 100% soap free, dye-free, and pH-balanced. The tear-free formula is clinically tested hypoallergenic, and is dermatologist and allergy tested, so it's even gentle enough for newborns. - See more at:
Sweet girl three days old!

She did enjoy getting her hair washed.

Don't you love that new baby smell, so sweet!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


 My Little Princess
Born on 10/3/13 8lbs 15oz 21inches long

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fab Five #9

I have not been crafting or sewing this week. Just taking it easy. Here are some few things that have been going on around here.
 #1. Stretch Mark Removal
My 4 year old was watching my stomach move (one of our favorite things to do together) and she reached over to grab her pencil and said, "Let's erase this mark." She said it so matter of fact, it was hilarious! I love the look on her face, she is really concentrating. If only it were that easy little girl : )
 2. Got my Hair Did! 
This pic is from my phone so the quality is poor. But I got my hair highlighted and trimmed this week. Only three weeks left till baby, and I know I probably won't get back to a salon anytime soon. I always like to have my hair done right before I have a baby.
3. Another Nursery Peek
I made this fabric banner from left over material I had from the car seat canopy. There is still no bedding in the crib. I bought these cardboard letters from hobby lobby and spray painted them. It was probably less than $10 for all three, which is great! I really tried to spend as little as possible on the nursery. I painted the walls white when I was 25 weeks pregnant. They were purple before. I wanted something I could change up easily. I was planning on stripes or something on this wall, but I was/am too exhausted to do that. It's also really hard for me to commit to a paint color.
The Original Family Tree Initial Necklace - Personalized Custom Lower Case Initials on Three Leaves- Family Necklace 
4. Initial Jewelry
I found this necklace on etsy here.
I want to get something like it with my girls initials. It's a simple piece that would go with anything which I really love. I'm loving the branch. I've also seen ones with little birds that are adorable.
LAPPLJUNG RUTA Rug, low pile IKEA Easy to vacuum thanks to its flat surface.  
#5. Ikea Rug
I know everyone has this rug, but I want it! I want to put it in my living room. Right now I have this gray one from Ikea. 
I would move it into the nursery if I get the new one.
It probably won't happen soon, but maybe at the beginning of next year I might be able to make an Ikea trip. I wish the store was closer!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fab Five #8

 #1. Nursery Sneak Peak
I'm mostly done with the nursery. I just have to add bedding, the glider, and maybe a few more decorative things. After her arrival or a little before we will move the bassinet, swing, and bouncer out. It's a little crowded with baby gear. Our stroller and car seat are also stuffed in there. If you are looking for crib sheets this week Target had them on sale for $9, and buy 2 get 1 free. They have tons of cute prints. My sister picked some up for the baby. Yellow and white chevron, hot pink with white polka dots, and a cute owl one that has the room colors with some brown in it. 

 #2. My big girls started school! Pre-K and 1st Grade. 
They love it! 
We are a few weeks in and it's so hard to get back into the routine. They are exhausted by the time they come home and you can tell by the attitude and my youngest falling asleep on the living room floor almost everyday around 3 or 4. Which makes bed time very frustrating. But they are happy while they are there at least. I didn't prepare them for waking early, the thought of starting to wake them up early a week before school and being in my third trimester just seemed crazy. 
Hopefully we will get used to it soon, you know right when I have the baby and end up being even more tired.

#3. Pencil skirts/ Maxi Skirts
I'm so ready to wear normal clothes again! I love this animal print skirt. There is some similar material at Hobby Lobby in knit and I'm thinking about making a knee length pencil skirt with it for after baby. I think it would be cute paired with any color solid top, what do you think? A little too crazy? I love animal print. I lived in my cheetah print forever 21 cardigan last winter. I also made my first purchase from Girl Charlee Fabric and have some black and white stripped knit I'm going to make into a maxi skirt. I also bought some chevron black and pink but they cut the fabic in half : ( I ordered two yards, and it came in two one yard cuts. Sad. I should have left a note in the note section. The fabric seems to be great quality though. I think I will try to make one of those nursing cover scarf's with the one yard cut.
I'm also thinking leggings and over sized tops will be perfect for after I have the baby. Where is your favorite place to buy leggings? I want good quality ones that are not see through.

Living with Punks: Tutorial: Land of Nod inspired Floor Cushion Would be great for Christmas gifts :)
#4. Floor Poof's
I'm loving these! I bought bias tape last year to make my girls one for Christmas (I still need to buy the fabric.) I didn't end up make them. I still think they would love them. I really want to make a cute one for the nursery too. Maybe I will get to it. I've been sewing more since my youngest in in pre-K, but it's only part time so my time is limited. And it's so hard to bend over, haha! Cutting fabric is way more difficult now. 

#5. 35 1/2 weeks and counting!!
I'm getting induced in less than a month! It's so crazy! I can't wait to be more comfortable. I'm waddling like crazy and baby has already dropped. I never dropped with my first two, they were induced also. My last was induced 9 days early and was 8.5 pounds. This baby will be induced 4 days early. I'm hoping she won't be huge. I'm currently craving Ice like Crazy! 
Braxton hicks contractions are still driving me nuts, and my feet hurt all the time. 
I can't wait to see what she will look like. My two older girls looked totally different at birth, so it will be interesting to see who she favors. I've gained 30 pounds so far, which has been less than my other pregnancies, so hopefully I won't gain 10 more this last month. But she looks healthy and everything is going well, besides the discomfort. Which is such a blessing!

I hope you've had a good week!

Friday Photo Journal

Thursday, August 29, 2013

34 weeks

Why yes those are pajama pants. As soon as I get home the maternity pants come off, I just can't stand anything on my belly right now.

 Here is my torpedo! The latest pregnancy complaint: Itching! 
Can you be allergic to pregnancy? haha! 
And yes, I've used Palmer's stretch mark cream since I was three months pregnant. I used it with the girls too. The past two nights I've woken myself up itching my stomach, and I had to put more lotion on it in the middle of the night. Super fun! 
I hope this six weeks goes by fast!! I'm going to get induced a few days before my due date, so the first week of October sometime. 
That's only 5 1/2ish weeks! Yay! 
My back and feet hurt, and I'm just done. I'm waddling around really bad. I'm still have braxton hicks contractions everyday. They are not regular, but they are annoying. I've been so tired lately and I haven't done much. I guess my body is still working even if I'm not. 
I finally spray painted some picture frames for the nursery today, and I made a fabric banner. I went ahead and packed the diaper bag for the hospital today since I was in the baby's room. I just have to sanitize her pacifiers. 
So I am super excited to meet this little girl. My stomach dropped even more yesterday, so maybe she will come on her own? My other two were induced, they didn't want to come out. Ever! 
I just mailed off my registration forms for the hospital today, I've had them since my first trimester. So it was about time. I also signed my girls up for a sibling class at the hospital I thought it would be fun for them. We shall see : ) 
I can't wait to meet this little girl!!

Comforts for Baby Review

Comforts for Baby sent me a few of their toddler products to try out. 
I received diapers size 4 (it will be a little while before baby can fit into those), baby wipes, cotton swabs, baby powder, and baby oil. 
The wipes are the perfect size for my diaper bag. 
You can find Comfort for Baby products at your local Kroger, and the best part is that they are affordable! 
They have tons of products besides what is pictured including formula, baby food, training pants, bibs, bowls, sippy cups, etc.

Here's a little info about the brand: 
We all know that babies and toddlers need lots of stuff to get them – and you – through your busy days. But caring for your baby doesn’t have to cost a lot. Comforts makes it simple, with all of the right products for every baby stage, from diapers and formula to bibs, lotions, cups and snacks, all reasonably priced and conveniently located together for easy one-stop shopping. We know value is important, so we’ve designed our products according to the highest standards so you can get great quality and save money, too.