Friday, March 16, 2012

Velcro Spa Headband

Two years ago my husband gave me a facial gift certificate for our anniversary. It was fabulous! Before I started my facial I was given a terry cloth headband to put on. My hair was protected from all the facial masks and scrubs. I started to think about how great that headband was the other day, so I decided to make my own. It's also great to use when washing my face at night, using a facial mask, and on the days I don't wash my hair it keeps it dry in the shower while I'm washing my face. You can also use it when your applying your make up. I think it would also be a great party favor if you are having a spa party. So here is a simple tutorial to help you make your own! 
All you need is terry cloth (mine is from Joann's), Velcro, and thread. 

For the length I measured my head and added two inches. I choose to cut it seven inches for the width. 
After I cut the piece of material out I folded it in half length wise and stitched down the side.

Then I turned it inside out. I decided to have the seam be on the middle inside of the headband. You can add a top stitch down each side if you like. (I didn't think it was necessary)
Then you can fold the edges in and sew across. 
I chose to serge each end of mine, but if you do not have a serger you can just sew the edges shut. 
Then I laid my velcro across the end to see how long it needed to be. Then I cut, pinned, and sewed it. 

I decided to add an extra piece of Velcro to tighten the headband if it started to stretch out. 
That's it! 
This would also be a great gift if you pair it with a facial mask. 
Now go pamper yourself!!


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  1. Ooooh so gonna make one of these! Awesome idea and super easy. Thanks for posting. :)

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you like it : )

  3. I like this a lot. I need to make 16 total for my daughter's spa party. I was wondering how many yard of material will I need for this?

  4. I think 2 yards would probably be more than enough, have a fun party!