Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Princess Peg Dolls

I found these adorable peg dolls on Pinterest. There is a tutorial here
I decided my baby had to have these for her third birthday.
What a fun present for any girl who loves princesses! 
I wanted to add some more detail to my dolls. I looked up pictures of each princess and picked a few dress and hair details. 
 I looked around online to see how much these dolls cost, but I couldn't find anything.
I ended up getting all my supplies at Hobby Lobby and the total cost was $9 and some change. If you have brushes and paint already you're set! The pegs are around $2-$3 for eight! 
 The acrylic paint set I bought was only $3 and I had more than enough paint to make all of these. I did buy a bottle of pink paint because pink didn't come in the set. I had to mix some colors to get the right shades. I used a pencil to draw the dresses and hair on the pegs first. Then I started with painting the skin color, then hair, and dresses. 

 I think they turned out so cute! After I took these pictures I sprayed them with a sealant so they look a little more finished. 
 I decided to make a princess castle pillow to hold all of the princesses. It's almost like a princess hotel. My towers ended up being too narrow, but I think it still looks similar to a castle. 
Here is my sweet birthday girl enjoying her gift! 
 Here are some close ups. 

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