Thursday, August 29, 2013

34 weeks

Why yes those are pajama pants. As soon as I get home the maternity pants come off, I just can't stand anything on my belly right now.

 Here is my torpedo! The latest pregnancy complaint: Itching! 
Can you be allergic to pregnancy? haha! 
And yes, I've used Palmer's stretch mark cream since I was three months pregnant. I used it with the girls too. The past two nights I've woken myself up itching my stomach, and I had to put more lotion on it in the middle of the night. Super fun! 
I hope this six weeks goes by fast!! I'm going to get induced a few days before my due date, so the first week of October sometime. 
That's only 5 1/2ish weeks! Yay! 
My back and feet hurt, and I'm just done. I'm waddling around really bad. I'm still have braxton hicks contractions everyday. They are not regular, but they are annoying. I've been so tired lately and I haven't done much. I guess my body is still working even if I'm not. 
I finally spray painted some picture frames for the nursery today, and I made a fabric banner. I went ahead and packed the diaper bag for the hospital today since I was in the baby's room. I just have to sanitize her pacifiers. 
So I am super excited to meet this little girl. My stomach dropped even more yesterday, so maybe she will come on her own? My other two were induced, they didn't want to come out. Ever! 
I just mailed off my registration forms for the hospital today, I've had them since my first trimester. So it was about time. I also signed my girls up for a sibling class at the hospital I thought it would be fun for them. We shall see : ) 
I can't wait to meet this little girl!!

Comforts for Baby Review

Comforts for Baby sent me a few of their toddler products to try out. 
I received diapers size 4 (it will be a little while before baby can fit into those), baby wipes, cotton swabs, baby powder, and baby oil. 
The wipes are the perfect size for my diaper bag. 
You can find Comfort for Baby products at your local Kroger, and the best part is that they are affordable! 
They have tons of products besides what is pictured including formula, baby food, training pants, bibs, bowls, sippy cups, etc.

Here's a little info about the brand: 
We all know that babies and toddlers need lots of stuff to get them – and you – through your busy days. But caring for your baby doesn’t have to cost a lot. Comforts makes it simple, with all of the right products for every baby stage, from diapers and formula to bibs, lotions, cups and snacks, all reasonably priced and conveniently located together for easy one-stop shopping. We know value is important, so we’ve designed our products according to the highest standards so you can get great quality and save money, too.


Friday, August 16, 2013

Fab Five #7

What I'm loving this week: 

#1 Naps!
I'm loving that I finally found a way to get my girls to take naps during the summer. My youngest would always take a nap during the school year last year when her sister was at school. But since she's been out of school it's been a nightmare in the nap department. She's been falling asleep on the couch or floor around 4pm which is the worst because she will keep her sister up all night. 
I finally put my oldest in my room and my youngest in the room they share. It's worked a few times and I'm grateful for that!

#2 Belly Moments (this picture was taken at 20 weeks and I'm now almost 33)
Waking up and being surprised by my huge baby belly is sort of fun. That is until I try to get out of the bed, that's not so fun. Sometimes baby girl will wake me up with her movement and it's a reminder to me of what a miracle she is. I complain about pregnancy constantly, but I am truly grateful to be having another daughter.
Loveleggings, boots, stripped sweater -<3 
#3 Fall is coming!
I'm loving the past two days of 70's! I live in the south and this is super rare in August, and I know it won't last. I can't wait for cooler weather, I'm cardigan obsessed! 
Honest to Nod - The Land of Nod Blog 
#4 Nursery Board
I found this nursery board on Pinterest. It has the colors I'm going to be using in our nursery. I'm just going to be using more pink, and less yellow. I love the color combination, hopefully it turns out well. 
Hold Me Close Chevron Nursing Scarf - Nursing Cover, Infinity Scarf via Etsy 
#5 Nursing Scarf
I'm dying over this scarf/nursing cover combo! You can purchase one here for $20! So cute, and it comes in different colors. I may try to make a few myself, because I'm super cheap. But I still think $20 is a great deal! 

What are you loving this week?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

31 weeks

 My youngest loves to watch her baby sister moving. She lifted up my shirt while we were watching home video's on the computer. I took a picture of her with my phone, I didn't realize she fell asleep. Cutest thing ever!! 
 She is so excited to be a big sister.

 I had an appointment this past week and I was measuring at 32 weeks. So I think we will be having another big baby. My sleeping beauty was 8.5 pounds induced 9 days early. So I'm pretty sure this little girl will be at least 8 pounds. 

We've put up the crib and curtains, I will be showing all of that when her room is more together. I still have to make her bedding. I'm just going with a crib skirt and fitted crib sheet. 
I did make her curtains and car seat canopy. Tutorial coming eventually...
The material is from Hobby Lobby. 
I'm still addicted to Chevron. 

I painted her nursery white and the curtains are hot pink and white. Her crib skirt will be aqua ruffle fabric and the crib sheet will probably be pink and white. 
I'm thinking about incorporating some yellow, but I'm not sure.
If I do I will probably make the crib sheet yellow, and hang a giant wooden initial letter in hot pink above her bed.  Her name is still undecided, so I can't do that just yet.
So what do you think? Will yellow be too much, should I just stick with hot pink and aqua?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fab Five #6


This weeks fab five are things I've gotten for free! (or almost free minus shipping) 
I'm posting this a little bit early this week so you can take advantage of these deals too : )

#1 Free Baby Sling
I got this sling for free! I used a coupon code for breastfeeding awareness month and only had to pay shipping which was around $11. The print I choose is Newport. I love the aqua and pink! I choose those colors for my baby's nursery too. You can get yours free by using the code PJBABY at Seven Slings. Remember there are sizes for the slings, I almost missed that. There is a sizing chart to help you pick the right size. 

#2 Aqua Silicone Watch
I heard about these free watches over at, thanks Abby! All I had to pay was shipping and handling. I bought mine from
 I'm not sure if the deal is still on now. I love this watch is looks so much better in person! 

washable nursing pads
#3 a set of Bamboobies reusable nursing pads. 
Just visit the site to claim yours! Hurry up there is only one more day left to claim them. (which is why I'm posting this early and not on Friday). They have a few other things on sale if you like their products. They are really thin so you don't have to worry about the big circles showing through your nursing bra. 

Nursing Pillow
 #4 Free Nursing Pillow
Use Promo Code "BFWEEK13" at 
I almost got one of these too, but I already have a boppy. It's a great deal if you don't have one though, you also have to pay shipping around $12. 

 #5 Free or priceless? 
My soon to be middle daughter fell asleep on her little sister (a.k.a 31 week belly)
while watching home videos on the computer. She wanted to pull my shirt up to see the baby move, it's one of her favorite things right now. She's so excited to be a big sister! 
So sweet!

Hopefully you can take advantage of some of these great deals this week, I love free!