Thursday, January 26, 2012

Easy Lace Cardigan Refashion

Who loves cardigans? 
I do!
 I'm so glad they are in style right now. They are perfect for covering up what I call my "leftovers". Also known as loose flabby skin I did not have before mommyhood. Luckily this first picture totally conceals it. Yeah! 
I've had this red cardigan for probably five years. I've put it in the Goodwill pile a few times, but I always pulled it back out. I knew there was some way to jazz it up a bit. 
 I decided to add this sweet black lace Grannie gave me. Luckily lace is back in style too! 
 All I had to do was fold the top and bottom pieces of the lace under, and then pin it in place. I think it would also look really cute if I replaced the buttons with shiny black ones. 
 Then I used black thread to sew around it. 
 It's perfect for Valentines Day! 

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