Friday, July 27, 2012

Easiest Hair Ties and Headbands

Okay people, I am going to help you save some money today. I was walking in Target the other day and found three of these elastic hair tie's for over $3! I couldn't believe it! Then I found out anthropology is selling the headbands for $15 each!! Craziness!

What you will need to make these hair ties or headbands is soft roll elastic. I buy mine on etsy. I paid $1.50 for 5 yards, that's right 5 yards! You can make a whole bunch of bands for $1.50! 
They are perfect for going to the gym or keeping in your bag. The headbands do not leave a dent in your hair after you work out. I wore one today when I went to the gym. They are great for us girls who don't wash our hair everyday. They are also great for baby because they will not leave a dent in her head. You can color coordinate with your outfit and wear it on your wrist till you need it.

I bought my soft roll elastic at My Sunshine Supplies on etsy. I've ordered from them a couple of times, and they have been great! 
For the headbands I measure around my head cut the elastic and hot glue the ends together. For the bracelets I measure them around my wrist or my girls (depending on who it's for) and leave a few inches excess. Then you just tie a knot! Easy Peasy!! 
You can also make a headband and glue a flower on it for your little girl, or for you. I'm more of a plain headband girl, but my kids always have flowers on theirs. If you want to see some tutorials on how to decorate little girls headbands go over to Make It and Love It, and my posts here, and here. These would be great party favors for your little girls birthday. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Kitchen Reveal

 So we had almost every room in our house painted before we moved in. The kitchen was done before because I could not live with black and red paint. We also painted over the chalkboard paint that was covering the whole bar. It was a great idea, but I do not want chalk all over my house. We chose seashell gray by Valspar, most of our home is painted in this color. It's a great neutral. 
I was thinking about putting up a tile back splash, but that would cost a few hundred dollars. The back plash we went with I actually found on Pinterest. It's vinyl! It was easy to put up and it looks great! It will be much easier to remove for the next owners than tile (if they don't like it). You can find it on Pinterest here,  and purchase it at Landee On Etsy. 
You can check out Landee's blog here. 
She was great to work with, she also has other great vinyl products. The total for this back splash was less than $100, which I think is great! That is all I have done to decorate the kitchen so far. I'm thinking maybe a metal EAT sign above the cabinets would look good.

One small thing in my kitchen that I love is this soap dispenser/sponge holder. I bought it at Marshall's for $7! It's so handy, and keeps the sink looking tidy.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Room Reveal- Master Bedroom

I finished (mostly finished) our master bedroom. The first thing I did was change the wall color. It was a bluish gray color before. I choose a gray-Hazy Stratus by Valspar. I found this duvet cover at target, you can find it here. I was going to paint gray stripes in the hallway, but that might be too many stripes now. I might eventually do it anyway. I love gray and stripes right now!
 I also painted our side tables white. I spray painted the lamps this great teal color, I bought the spray paint at Wal-Mart. I replaced the beige lamp shades with white ones from Ross. They were only $6 each!! I love Ross, TJ Max, and Marshall's! They have been a life saver decorating our new home. 
I bought this vinyl wall decal at Ross probably 6 months ago, it was also only $6! I thought about putting it on a canvas at our last house, so we could bring it with us. I'm glad I waited to use it.

 The tutorial for this photo frame holder can be found here.

The pillow tutorial can be found here.

I love our new master bedroom! My husband and I are sort of minimalist when it comes to decorating. We like the modern clean look. So now we have a yellow and gray room, and a teal and gray room. I think I'm seeing a pattern here. I was thinking about going with coral and gray, but I thought that would be a little too girly for my husband. This was a pretty inexpensive room makeover, and I am happy with how it turned out.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All Natural Play Dough

I have a love/hate relationship with play dough. I'm sure most mom's do. I love how it keeps my girls entertained, but I hate the crummy mess it leaves behind. I usually wait till the next day when it's hard to sweep it up.
 Some days the mess is worth it. Our play dough slowly disappears as time goes on, and the girls leave more and more of it on the floor. A few days ago they were down to one container, and my kids do not know how to share. I was scanning the web for a good recipe, I had never made homemade play dough before. Shocking, I know. I remember my Mom making it for my sisters and me. She used Koolaid and it smelled so good, and tasted so salty! Yes you have to try it when it smells that good. Anyway... I came across this recipe found here at natural parenting tips. It's all natural so it's okay if your kids eat it, they probably won't though. Vinegar is one of the ingredients and if you smell it up close it's not very appetizing. I whipped up a batch and the girls loved it. I used gel food coloring to color it. I stored it in a ziplock bag, and it has stayed moist. The recipe made enough for two containers worth of play dough. I liked that you did not have to have 2 cups of salt, I did not want to use all of my salt. I also did not have any cream of tarter which other recipes called for. So this one worked out great for me. 

The girls were so excited, they kept thanking me for making it. 

Yes, they are hugging the play dough. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy 4th

I know this is late, but I hope everyone had a great 4th! We are so grateful for our country!
Both of my brother in laws serves in the military, and my Father is retired from the Army. I am so grateful for their service, and for all of those who serve our great country.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Inexpensive Wall Art

This is another project from my bedroom makeover. I was originally inspired by these pictures at Johnny In A Dress. Natalie shared a beautiful bedroom makeover, you have to check it out! She went with yellow and gray. I love the color combination, that's why I have those colors in my living room. I am pretty obsessed with Gray right now, so I choose Gray and Teal for my bedroom. I made this frame to hold pictures of my hubby me. (Yes I was blond!) Most of the pictures in our home our of our girls, but I thought since this is for our room we should have some of just us. These pics are from our engagement, my best friends wedding, the day he proposed, and our wedding day. 
 For this project all you will need is:
An old frame
Spray paint
String ( I used embroidery floss that was one sale!)
Tiny Clothes Pins (I found these cute white pins at Hobby Lobby)
 I spray painted my frame and let it dry for a day. Then I hot glued two pieces of string across the length of the frame. 
 I put another blob of glue on top of the string to make sure it was secure. Make sure it dried completely before you turn it over. 
Then all you have to do is pick out your favorite photo's and pin them on!