Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zipper Week Day 1: Elmo Pouch

Welcome to Day 1 of Zipper Week!!
Today's tutorial will be on how to make this adorable Elmo zipper pouch.
It's perfect for snacks and little toys, or for party favors!  

Here's what you will need:
Red Fabric
Felt: red,white,orange (or yellow), and black (they usually run 20 cents a sheet at Wal-Mart and Joann's)
Thread (coordinating colors)
1 Black Zipper (or whatever color you want) 
 The first thing I did was cut a circle out of the red cotton fabric. I used my zipper to measure how wide the circle should be by laying it about 3/4 of the way down the circle, so it looks like a mouth. 
 To cut out my red felt I just used my cotton circle as a guide for the size. 
 Then I cut it strait across where the zipper mouth will go. 
 I cut out circles for the mouth and eyes and laid them on the felt to make sure they looked the right size. I then pinned the eyes and sewed around each circle. I used color coordinating thread. I used a strait stitch; you can use a zip zag if you want. ( I laid the zipper over the felt to check for placement, it is not sewn on at this point.) I love how the felt looks furry like Elmo. 
 I used the top piece of the face to cut out the lining. Then I did the same for the bottom of the face. 
 I also cut another circle out of the cotton fabric for the lining on the back of the head. 
This picture shows you the pieces you should have so far. Now all you have to do is attach the zipper! 
 I sandwiched my zipper facing down on Elmo's face, and put the cotton material on the back. Then I sewed them together. Remember to put your zipper foot on your sewing machine first. 
 After that it will look like this. 
 Then do the same on the opposite side. 

 Now put the whole circle lining strait over Elmo's face and pin. Sew around the whole circle leaving about three inches at the top or bottom to turn it inside out when you are done. 
 Turn pouch inside out and sew the top of Elmo's head closed. 
 Now your Elmo pouch is finished! It would be really cute to make a cookie monster one too! I might get around to making one. 
 Check back with me tomorrow for Day 2 of Zipper week! Let me know if you have any questions : )

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