Saturday, December 31, 2011

Black Apple Dolls

I am in LOVE with these sweet dolls! I found the pattern and video here. These turned out smaller than I anticipated. I was going to give them as birthday gifts to my niece, turning four in February, and my daughter, turning three in January.
 I think I will enlarge the pattern to make them bigger ones. I am going to save these for my two nieces who are turning one and two in May. 
I love how you can make the dolls little accessories. I did not put any on these two because they are going to a one and two year old; they might choke on a little scarf! I think I will make little purses and bows for the bigger ones. I made their legs out of satin so they looked a little more dressed up. I also used a thin sharpie to draw the eyes instead of paint. This is the perfect project to get rid of some of your scrap material! I think it would be pretty easy to make a boy version too.  I think they are adorable! 

When we visited family over the Christmas break my grandmother-in-law gave me tons of zippers, buttons, and thread! So I'm thinking I might do a zipper week! One project everyday that involves a zipper. Some tutorials will be from other blogger's, and some from me. Hopefully I will have everything ready to do that in a week or two. Fun huh! Well, fun if you get excited over a bag full of zippers. 
Free sewing supplies always excite me! I know I'm special : )

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