Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY Storage Containers

 I needed some storage containers for some of my craft supplies. I didn't want to spend any money, so I re-purposed a tissue box! 
The first step is to cut off the top of the tissue box. 
Cut out a scrap piece of fabric that fits around the box, and leave about 2 inches on each end. 
Cover all the sides of the box in mod podge and then wrap the fabric around it. 

 Cut the fabric on the ends at each corner down to the tissue box. 
 Then put about two inches of mod podge on the inside of the box, and press the fabric down. Then cover that section with mod podge. 

 Do the same on the other end of the box. 

 Then place it upside down, and cover the whole bottom with mod podge and let it dry. 
 When that parts dry cover the whole box with mod podge. 

After it is dry you are done! 
You can use these anywhere in your home! 
You can find mod podge at Wal-mart. 


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