Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Flannel Board

I made this flannel board for my kids last Christmas. The whole project cost me around $7! It's a great gift for the holidays and birthdays. 

Here's what you will need:
2 pieces of cardboard
hot glue gun and glue ($2 for a mini gun and $2 for a pack of glue sticks at Wal-Mart)
1 yard flannel (usually on sale at Joann's Fabric for around $2.50/yard)
1 pack of multicolored felt (I think it was around $3-$4 at Joann's)
sharpie marker
duct tape

I used two sides of the box my sewing machine came in and I taped them together.

 I covered the card board in flannel and taped it in place, so easy! 

 To make it look neater I folded a left over piece of flannel over the middle and hot glued it in place. 
 Mine is not super neat. 
 Then I glued a piece of ribbon underneath the cardboard and attached it to the other side. This helps the board stay up and not collapse while it's being played with. 

 Then I used my sharpie to draw some designs, after that you cut them out and your done! 
I chose a few different themes: garden, transportation, food, ocean animals, and shapes.
I put them all in a large big zip lock bag. It would be cute to make individual bags out of material and ribbon for each theme. 

Another cute idea for a flannel board would be to get a big picture frame at goodwill; take the glass out, and cover the board with flannel, then frame it on the wall of the playroom. Add some hooks on the bottom to hang your bags of felt shapes. 

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