Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paper Christmas Tree's

 Need some more decorations, but already blew your budget this month? Here are some Christmas tree decorations I made for free! I used supplies that I had on hand. The brown paper is actually the roll inside of Christmas wrapping paper. Instead of a tube, this roll had thin cardboard paper rolled up. 
 I shaped the paper into the shape I wanted, then I cut down the side and taped it together with packing tape. 

 Next I cut the paper strait across the bottom. 
 Then I cut scrap booking paper into strips, and I fringed the ends. 
 I rolled the ends up using a pen. 
 All you have to do is hot glue the paper to your cone. It's easier to apply in 3-4 inch strips. 
I overlapped each laver a little bit so the cardboard paper would not show underneath. 
I glued a piece of paper to the top to cover the hole. Easy! 
 It would be really cute to make several different sized tree's and use them as centerpieces.
At our house nothing is safe if it's within reach of the kids, maybe we will do the centerpiece thing in a few years. 
Merry Christmas! Go make a forest! 

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