Friday, April 12, 2013

Some Good News!

I'm happy to announce I'm pregnant! 
I am almost 15 weeks along, and it is such a huge blessing! 

Two years ago I was diagnosed with a partial molar pregnancy, we found out at 10 weeks. The baby had stopped growing very early on, but I had an irregular growth that was continuing to grow. I had to go through two rounds of chemo to get rid of the cancerous growth in my uterus. Then we had to wait for a year before trying to conceive again. It took longer than expected, and then we found out why. I was going to start clomid the week I found out I was pregnant. So I feel like this is a miracle baby for sure! I am still nervous that something will go wrong. I think after a miscarriage everyone is a little more cautious and worried. But we are praying everything will go well, so far all signs lead to a healthy baby. 
 This is also one of the reasons for the lack of blogging. With my girls I was sick for around 16-17 weeks, and it is the same this time around. So hopefully I will be feeling better soon! We are finding out the gender in two weeks and I am so excited. After that I will be starting some baby projects. We are hoping for a boy since we have two girls and this will more than likely be our last baby, but I'm guessing it's another girl. I just hope the baby is healthy!
Here's a picture from a few weeks ago, I started showing really quick this time around!


  1. you are so cute!!! i didn't get a chance to tell you how cute you looked in this outfit, but you looked very cute! i'm so thankful you are okay and the baby is healthy so far. i will start praying for you and the health of the baby too! we just need to get past the first trimester and then we can relax a little bit. ohhhhhhh, i'm SO EXCITED TO FIND OUT THE GENDER!!!!!