Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easy Dirt Cupcakes

My oldest daughter turned 6 last week!  I can't believe it! 
She wanted us to come to school and bring cupcakes for her class.  My husband 
convinced her she wanted dirt cupcakes.  Okay Dad.  At first I was thinking
could you just have picked something easier, Mommy is still dealing with morning 
sickness all day long.  Labor intensive cupcakes were not sounding very fun.  They ended 
up being extremely easy to make though.  Most importantly my girl loved them, and so did
 the kids in her class. So win, win!

To Make:

I bought chocolate cake mix and followed the directions for cupcakes.
I then iced them with cream cheese frosting.
I put a bunch of oreo's in a plastic bag and crushed them with a mallet. 
I poured the crushed oreo's in a bowl and turned the iced cupcakes upside down and just dipped them till they were dirty enough.
I added a gummy worm for the finishing touches, and that's it!

I will be sharing her Birthday party decorations soon.  She had an Art themed party ( I know nothing to do with worms or dirt, lol!) 
Have a great day!

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