Friday, August 24, 2012

Goodwill FInds

 The girls and I went to Goodwill this afternoon. We actually found some great stuff! I am so excited! 
I found Salmon colored New York Company crop pants for $1! I also found a cotton slip for $1. I am going to refashion the slip to fit for my three year old. She loves wearing slips, and the one she has is too short. It's probably an adult size extra small or small. I found this rocking chair bench for $4.50. Both the girls can fit on it together. It's super sturdy. I am going to paint it. I'm not sure if I will keep it in one of their room or the living room. 
I found a large embroidery hoop for $1.50. 
The two wicker baskets were $2 a piece. The large one will be for DVDs and remotes. I think I am going to spray paint it black. The smaller one will probably be used for storage in one of the bathrooms. 
I think I got a great deal! All of this stuff for $12!!! 

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  1. if i lived as close to goodwill as you do i would be one of those people waiting outside every morning for the doors to open and trampling other people to get it! good finds :) i love goodwill!