Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fall Looks

I don't know about ya'll, but I'm ready for fall! I'm so over this summer heat and humidity! I love wearing jeans and cardigans. I always feel slimmer in jeans and a cardigan.
  Cardi's are great for covering up those 'left overs'.
I am pretty boring when it comes to color in my fall/winter wardrobe. Last year almost everything I wore was grey or some shade of purple. Hopefully this year I will have some more color.
It's still in the 90's here! 
I'm so excited for Fall! It will come one day! 

 I could live in the this long comfy cardigan, don't worry I wouldn't leave the house in it. 

I just think this ring is pretty. 

This skirt would be easy to make using LeAnn's maxi skirt tutorial. I am totally addicted to maxi skirts now. They are so comfy! I've made three using LeAnn's fabulous tutorial. 
I think I need those boots too!

Here is another fall look I love! I just love these colors. Obviously, they are the same as the colors I've used in my family room and bedroom found here and here. 
This look represent my style pretty well. First off it has grey, and I love the pop of color!

Here are my favorite places to shop for myself:
Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall's- I usually find all of my tops here, and they have great prices on boots and handbags.
Forever 21- I love their accessories! I also love their $10.50 skinny jeans, you can't beat that price! 
Last year I bought a few cardigans and tops their too, man I guess I just love Forever21! The only problem is that some of the clothes are too small for me, so my selection is limited. Obviously they are geared toward the 21 yrs olds not the 27 year olds, but I still found some things that work for me. 
Target- I always check the clearance clothes and shoes. I love the kids section!
Old Navy- I used to buy all of my jeans at Old Navy, I wear longs and they always had my size. I'm not in love with the new fit of the jeans now, mostly because I have a lot more curves than I would like. That's what happens when you grow babies! Ah well, they have super cute kids clothes!

So there you have it. My thoughts on fall fashion. 

I do have a few tutorials I'm getting ready to share, I promise! I just sewed some curtains, made some wall art, and refinished a dresser. Be sure to check back : ) 

Now I want to go shopping!

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