Friday, August 10, 2012

Country Girl Purse made From Jeans

My sweet niece is turning 2 this month! I can't believe it! I wanted to make something for her birthday. I decided on a little purse. My youngest daughter loves hoarding carrying all her toys around in little bags. I figured my niece might like to do the same. 
I already had all of my supplies, yay for free projects!! I used the left over pant legs from my Jeans to Capri's Tutorial. The trim is from my Lace Sock Tutorial, and I had the ribbon in my stash. You can embellish your purse anyway you like, the options are endless. You can even make this purse using a hot glue gun instead of sewing. Just replace all the sewing steps with hot glue. Easy! This purse is perfect for a gift, or even to put party favors in. You can also monogram it with rhinestones and hot glue, or by using iron on fabric adhesive and scrap fabric. 

Here is how you make it:

Step 1- Cut your jean leg to desired length. Use the hem for the top of your purse. Turn inside out and sew or serge the cut end.
Step 2- Turn purse right side out.
Step 3- Cut ribbon (I cut my ribbon strips 14 inches each) Place and pin. Sew. You can see by the arrows where I sewed the ribbons on. The stitching will be covered up by the trim.
Step 4- Pin trim around the top of your purse, and stitch all the way around. 

Ta-da! You're done! This probably only takes 10 minutes! It's such a fast, inexpensive project! Now all you have to do is fill it up with goodies! 
This is another reason to save old jeans. Cut off the bottoms and make a batch of purses and you will be ready for the all parties your kiddo's will be invited to once school starts. Just add a coloring book and crayons and you have a cute inexpensive gift. 

Happy Sewing! 

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