Monday, August 20, 2012

DIY Curtains Made from Shower Curtains

After two curtain exchanges I decided to make my own! I needed matching curtains to put up on the living room and dinning room windows. They are both on the same wall, that's why I needed them to match. I bought panels at Ross and ended up needing three panels instead of two on each window, but there were no more left when I went back. The same thing happened at Marshall's. 
I went to target and found these white shower curtains on sale for $12 each. I bought 4 of them. 
I wanted my curtains to hit the floor so I knew I needed some material to add to the curtains. I needed them to be 20 inches long and they had to be the width of the curtains. I ended up getting 4 yards of gray cotton from Joann's. I had a 50% coupon, so it cost a little under $10. 
I had exactly the right amount of fabric, no extra at all! 
So the first thing I did was fold over the button hole part of the shower curtain and sew it down. I used this to hang the curtains on the rods. I bought my rods for $9.99 each at Ross. 
After I cut my gray fabric I laid it at the bottom of the curtain. I left a little extra on the sides, around 2 inches. Then I pinned it, and sew it to the curtain. 

I am not a fan of sewing huge pieces of material. So instead of hemming the sides and bottom of the gray cotton I used heat n bond! It saved my sanity! And it was so easy! 
This is where that extra 2 inches of material comes in handy. Just follow the heat n bond directions. Iron on the tape, peal it back, fold it over, and iron again. Then you have the perfect hem!
I needed a little over one roll of heat n bond. I made 4 curtains, so if you only have two to make one roll should be enough. 

I think the hem line looks much better than if I would have sewed it. 
I love the finished product!! 
I still wish it would have been cheaper, but it turned out great! 
Here's the run down on the cost: 
2 rods from Ross- $20
4 fabric shower curtains- $50
4 yards of fabric- $10
So around $80 for the finished product. 
I guess it's still better than those $30 a panel curtains though. 

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  1. Your curtains look great! I have thought of doing this before myself! Glad to see that it turns out well. Thanks for sharing at Gettin' Krafty!

  2. I bet this was so much cheaper! Great idea I am going to have to try this next time I need/want new curtains! I am your newest follower! if you ever have time I would love for you to come check out my blog too!


  3. Why do we not live closer to each other!? You make this look so easy!

  4. Oh my gosh we share a brain, I just bought a bunch of shower curtains to use as curtains too! And they're from Target! But they have a pattern ;) I haven't started adding the fabric to the bottom yet but I'm so excited! Yours turned out so pretty. You have motivated me to get to work on mine :)

  5. I'm excited to see how they turn out!

  6. I am working on my curtains for my bedroom right now and I'm going to follow your idea and use the heat and bond. That looks so much easier and looks really professional. Yay, less work!

  7. Rachael, it is so much easier for sure!