Friday, August 16, 2013

Fab Five #7

What I'm loving this week: 

#1 Naps!
I'm loving that I finally found a way to get my girls to take naps during the summer. My youngest would always take a nap during the school year last year when her sister was at school. But since she's been out of school it's been a nightmare in the nap department. She's been falling asleep on the couch or floor around 4pm which is the worst because she will keep her sister up all night. 
I finally put my oldest in my room and my youngest in the room they share. It's worked a few times and I'm grateful for that!

#2 Belly Moments (this picture was taken at 20 weeks and I'm now almost 33)
Waking up and being surprised by my huge baby belly is sort of fun. That is until I try to get out of the bed, that's not so fun. Sometimes baby girl will wake me up with her movement and it's a reminder to me of what a miracle she is. I complain about pregnancy constantly, but I am truly grateful to be having another daughter.
Loveleggings, boots, stripped sweater -<3 
#3 Fall is coming!
I'm loving the past two days of 70's! I live in the south and this is super rare in August, and I know it won't last. I can't wait for cooler weather, I'm cardigan obsessed! 
Honest to Nod - The Land of Nod Blog 
#4 Nursery Board
I found this nursery board on Pinterest. It has the colors I'm going to be using in our nursery. I'm just going to be using more pink, and less yellow. I love the color combination, hopefully it turns out well. 
Hold Me Close Chevron Nursing Scarf - Nursing Cover, Infinity Scarf via Etsy 
#5 Nursing Scarf
I'm dying over this scarf/nursing cover combo! You can purchase one here for $20! So cute, and it comes in different colors. I may try to make a few myself, because I'm super cheap. But I still think $20 is a great deal! 

What are you loving this week?

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  1. I'm loving the fall outfits! I would also love a nap, lol...thanks for linking up with us :)