Thursday, August 29, 2013

34 weeks

Why yes those are pajama pants. As soon as I get home the maternity pants come off, I just can't stand anything on my belly right now.

 Here is my torpedo! The latest pregnancy complaint: Itching! 
Can you be allergic to pregnancy? haha! 
And yes, I've used Palmer's stretch mark cream since I was three months pregnant. I used it with the girls too. The past two nights I've woken myself up itching my stomach, and I had to put more lotion on it in the middle of the night. Super fun! 
I hope this six weeks goes by fast!! I'm going to get induced a few days before my due date, so the first week of October sometime. 
That's only 5 1/2ish weeks! Yay! 
My back and feet hurt, and I'm just done. I'm waddling around really bad. I'm still have braxton hicks contractions everyday. They are not regular, but they are annoying. I've been so tired lately and I haven't done much. I guess my body is still working even if I'm not. 
I finally spray painted some picture frames for the nursery today, and I made a fabric banner. I went ahead and packed the diaper bag for the hospital today since I was in the baby's room. I just have to sanitize her pacifiers. 
So I am super excited to meet this little girl. My stomach dropped even more yesterday, so maybe she will come on her own? My other two were induced, they didn't want to come out. Ever! 
I just mailed off my registration forms for the hospital today, I've had them since my first trimester. So it was about time. I also signed my girls up for a sibling class at the hospital I thought it would be fun for them. We shall see : ) 
I can't wait to meet this little girl!!

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