Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All Natural Play Dough

I have a love/hate relationship with play dough. I'm sure most mom's do. I love how it keeps my girls entertained, but I hate the crummy mess it leaves behind. I usually wait till the next day when it's hard to sweep it up.
 Some days the mess is worth it. Our play dough slowly disappears as time goes on, and the girls leave more and more of it on the floor. A few days ago they were down to one container, and my kids do not know how to share. I was scanning the web for a good recipe, I had never made homemade play dough before. Shocking, I know. I remember my Mom making it for my sisters and me. She used Koolaid and it smelled so good, and tasted so salty! Yes you have to try it when it smells that good. Anyway... I came across this recipe found here at natural parenting tips. It's all natural so it's okay if your kids eat it, they probably won't though. Vinegar is one of the ingredients and if you smell it up close it's not very appetizing. I whipped up a batch and the girls loved it. I used gel food coloring to color it. I stored it in a ziplock bag, and it has stayed moist. The recipe made enough for two containers worth of play dough. I liked that you did not have to have 2 cups of salt, I did not want to use all of my salt. I also did not have any cream of tarter which other recipes called for. So this one worked out great for me. 

The girls were so excited, they kept thanking me for making it. 

Yes, they are hugging the play dough. 

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