Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Girly Spring Cuff's

I made these cute spring cuffs for my girls. I am going to put them in their Easter baskets. They would also be great for birthday party favors. They are SUPER easy to make, and SUPER cheap! Here's what you need:

Soft Roll Elastic- I bought mine for $1.50 a yard here.
Felt Shapes- you can make your own or buy a bag of pre-cut ones. (my mom bought this bag for 49 cents. I think it was from the Christmas Tree Store or Wal-Mart)
Hot Glue
Embellishments- optional ( I didn't use any because my three year old sticks everything up her nose, nice huh!)

My girls wrist are 5 inches around. I made my elastic 6 inches long. Then all you have to do is hot glue the ends together. 

Then glue on your felt, and your done! 
 The one I'm modeling is a little bigger of course! When the girls get them in their Easter baskets I will take some pictures of them with them on. 

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