Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First Bath

 Comforts for Baby was kind enough to send me some of their products to try out. I used their bath products for my little girls first bath, or sponge bath. She didn't love the sponge bath, most babies don't. She did like having her hair washed though. We are still using these products three weeks out on all three of my kids. I really like the baby oil, especially the smell. I love the smell of a clean baby. You can find these products at any Kroger.
One cool thing about the baby wash is that it is dye-free, soap free, and ph-balanced so it doesn't dry out babies skin. They also have a night time bath scent. I like to use the baby oil after the bath, and it absorbs quickly into her skin.
Unlike baby soaps, Comforts for Baby® Baby Wash cleans without drying because it's 100% soap free, dye-free, and pH-balanced. The tear-free formula is clinically tested hypoallergenic, and is dermatologist and allergy tested, so it's even gentle enough for newborns. - See more at:
Sweet girl three days old!

She did enjoy getting her hair washed.

Don't you love that new baby smell, so sweet!

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