Friday, September 13, 2013

Fab Five #9

I have not been crafting or sewing this week. Just taking it easy. Here are some few things that have been going on around here.
 #1. Stretch Mark Removal
My 4 year old was watching my stomach move (one of our favorite things to do together) and she reached over to grab her pencil and said, "Let's erase this mark." She said it so matter of fact, it was hilarious! I love the look on her face, she is really concentrating. If only it were that easy little girl : )
 2. Got my Hair Did! 
This pic is from my phone so the quality is poor. But I got my hair highlighted and trimmed this week. Only three weeks left till baby, and I know I probably won't get back to a salon anytime soon. I always like to have my hair done right before I have a baby.
3. Another Nursery Peek
I made this fabric banner from left over material I had from the car seat canopy. There is still no bedding in the crib. I bought these cardboard letters from hobby lobby and spray painted them. It was probably less than $10 for all three, which is great! I really tried to spend as little as possible on the nursery. I painted the walls white when I was 25 weeks pregnant. They were purple before. I wanted something I could change up easily. I was planning on stripes or something on this wall, but I was/am too exhausted to do that. It's also really hard for me to commit to a paint color.
The Original Family Tree Initial Necklace - Personalized Custom Lower Case Initials on Three Leaves- Family Necklace 
4. Initial Jewelry
I found this necklace on etsy here.
I want to get something like it with my girls initials. It's a simple piece that would go with anything which I really love. I'm loving the branch. I've also seen ones with little birds that are adorable.
LAPPLJUNG RUTA Rug, low pile IKEA Easy to vacuum thanks to its flat surface.  
#5. Ikea Rug
I know everyone has this rug, but I want it! I want to put it in my living room. Right now I have this gray one from Ikea. 
I would move it into the nursery if I get the new one.
It probably won't happen soon, but maybe at the beginning of next year I might be able to make an Ikea trip. I wish the store was closer!

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  1. I love that I found your blog!! :) And that bracelet it awesome.