Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fabric Paint Onesies

 I had a little fun with fabric paint today. For the gold onesie I just made an outline of a collar and filled it in. Then I took a small cork and dipped it in the paint to make the fake buttons. It took two coats of paint. After it was dry I placed a piece of material over it and ironed it a little to set the paint. I then hand sewed the bow onto it. Before I attached the bow I burned the ends so it won't fray.

For the mock pearl shirt I used the same cork and stuck a push pin in the top to hold it, and dipped it into the paint and just free handed the necklace. Then I flipped the cork over and used the bigger end to make the larger string of pearls. The pink flower I already had left over from making headbands a while ago, and I hand sewed it on. I found the little shirt at a second hand store, I'm pretty sure it is one that the hospital uses. I'm going to put it on my baby after she's born, she going to be the fanciest baby in the nursery, hehe!

 I'm 27 weeks and huge! I get asked when I'm due constantly. When I say October I get a lot of deer in headlight looks. Yes my tummy gets huge, it has with the my two previous pregnancies also. I've also been asked if I'm having twins, nope! I do feel nine months pregnant already though, does that count?
Sorry for poor picture quality on this post. I really enjoyed making these you should try out freezer paint. You can get a small tube for $0.99 at Hobby Lobby!

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