Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Toiletry Bag

 I made this bag using the tutorial at Prudent Baby. They suggest to make it smaller, next time I will! I wanted to make this to hold my makeup, it was busting out of the bag I was using. I thought I would not need to make the smaller version, I was wrong. It is perfect for all of my hair supplies though! I used it this weekend when we went out of town. The picture below is everything that fit into the bag. I could have probably fit a curling iron in there too.
It's a great tutorial. The only thing I did differently was use cotton and interfacing instead of oil cloth. I bought my material at Hobby Lobby, it's the same print as the one I used for the cloth napkins. 
I will probably use a thicker material next time, this bag did not hold it's shape that well. I have not found oil cloth anywhere local, I guess I will have to order it online if I want some.

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