Tuesday, June 25, 2013

25 weeks

 This is the last belly shot I took at 24 weeks. I'm now 25 weeks. 
I passed my glucose test, so yay! I got my first, "Are you sure there are not two in there?" comments. Haha! No there is only one! I've had three ultrasounds so I'm pretty sure they would have seen another baby by now. I keep telling everyone I get really big, but I guess they don't believe me. That's what happens when you move to a new place, none of my friends here have seen me pregnant before. We nicknamed my belly torpedo with my last pregnancy. 

I've painted the nursery white. I was planning on painting stripes on one wall, but now I'm thinking vinyl polka dots instead. We got our car seat and stroller in. It is red not coral like I thought. Minor bummer, oh well. I have yet to sew anything for the baby besides a few burp cloth's, and cloth wipes. 

I need to make a car seat canopy and crib bedding. I will get on that one day. I am having a hard time deciding on fabric. I'm also having a hard time picking a name. 

I am no longer craving pickles. I've been collecting the jars I've finished off and I might use them in the nursery for decoration, which I think is super funny! 

I'm so glad the sickness is over. I do feel super uncomfortable already, but I carry low and it's just not fun. I'm already not sleeping well. 
Only 15 more weeks though yay! Can't wait to meet baby girl!

I've been having fun picking up some little clothes. I've found a lot of cute things at Ross. I love that store! 

I just received a pregnancy pillow from Boppy so look out for a review coming soon. Hopefully that will help me sleep! : )
25 week bump

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