Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Getting Organized

I know I've been a lazy blogger lately! 
Is it just me or does life get crazier once you have a child in school? This year my oldest is in Kindergarten and afternoons are so busy now! I miss those days of not having to go anywhere. Waking up early and homework are not fun! 
Anyway, I have been doing some projects around the house. I decorated the girls bathroom and the hall bathroom for cheap! Thank you Goodwill! I will share those projects with you later. 
I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite organization pins from Pinterest. I've been trying to organize our home, it's always hard for me. But I have made some improvement. Here are some good idea's to get you started:

I have to get some of these bags! I think they can be found at Wal-mart and dollar tree. The link explains that you give each child a bag for their socks, so they don't get lost in the wash. What a great idea! I just fixed our washing machine last night. We had a sock in the hose, for the second time! Luckily this time I found out how to fix it by watching a video on youtube. Last time it was $75 for the repair! These dang socks are driving me nuts. So from now on our socks will be washed in these bags. I might have to make my own depending on the price. If I do I will make a tutorial.
I bought two of these $1 baskets from Dollar Tree for my girls to keep their shoes in. They are a good size to hold quite a few pair of shoes, or toys if you like. They are so inexpensive and a great size. The picture below is of smaller baskets from Dollar Tree. Many come 2-3 per pack. I recently organized my junk drawer in the kitchen with two sets. You can't beat $2! 
This is just genius! You can use this pocket organizer under your sinks, or in your hallway closet! I've seen picture on pinterest of them being used for cleaning supplies, pantry items, and children's art supplies.
The link for this pin was not working, so I don't know where the idea originated. It is a spice rack made out of a mop holder and attached to the inside of a pantry door or cabinet. Another great idea!
These storage boxes are awesome! I wish I had these when my girl were babies! Their drawers were always a mess because everything was so tiny and was easily lost. I'm sure they are great for older kids too, and even for organizing crafting supplies! 
My sisters are coming to visit me in December and we are going on an Ikea trip (my first time!) any suggestions on what I should buy? I'm thinking just organization stuff and home decor.
I feel like organization is a never ending battle, but it feels good to have an organized home. Check out one of my favorite organization blogs over at Simple Organized Living.


  1. Great ideas!!! Thank you for posting them in one spot!! I love the mop holder/spice rack idea!!! :)

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